Product Description

Course Outline:

The Certificate in Weight Management is a comprehensive qualification for anyone interested in working in the weightloss industry as a weightloss consultant or weightloss coach or weightloss expert. You will learn weight management from a nutritional aspect so you have all the required knowledge and expertise to be able to confidently advice people on their diet management. The course also gives you valuable information on what tools and forms are required to set up your own services as a consultant. On completion of the course, you will be confident to start working in the industry.

Pathways and Credits:

This course can be done by itself or as part of the higher certificates in Nutrition

This course is made up of 2 parts:
Part 1 – Nutrition and Weight Loss
Topic 1 – Principles of Nutrition for Weight Management – obesity, underweight and other associated conditions
Topic 2 – Foundations of Nutrition in Weight Management
Topic 3 – Calories, Food Labels and other resources
Topic 4 – Body Weight, Factors and Barriers influencing weight gain
Topic 5 – Weight loss diets, fad diets, weight loss surgery
Topic 6 – Diet plans for weight management
Part 2 – Weight Loss Consulting
Topic 1 – Legislation, setting up, insurance
Topic 2 – Tools required
Topic 3 – Meal Plans
Topic 4 – Case studies

Career Options:

Successful completion of the course will enable you to work as:

• Weight Loss Consultant

• Weight Loss Coach

• Weight Management Coach

• Weight Management Consultant

There are many other possibilities with this versatile course. Many of our students who do this course are Naturopaths, Fitness Trainers, Counsellors, Life Coaches, Nutritionists wanting to specialize in weight loss.

Course Duration:

150 hours of Study

This course has 10 assignments and 1 exam to complete the course successfully. You can opt out of the exam and receive a Certificate of Participation.

Payment Options:

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